Hi there ! ūüĎč

My name is Eddy Wanny M.
I'm a  Software Engineer who enjoys working on versatile set of technologies on different layers and stacks.
I find satisfying the whole process of building software, from mobile apps,  implementing applied cryptographic systems and meaningful integrations,   getting my hands dirty on large scale distributed systems.

I  work regularly on a variety of tech from backend  & traditional distributed systems in an array of technologies like Go, Spring, VertX.io (JVM), Rust, Javascript, PHP, Python, etc ...
I'm also experienced in  mobile apps development ( Native Android, Flutter for cross platform), I can also do the usual Web Front-End development in Vue and React.

In my free time I like to work on some quite extrinsic projects exploring some cool computer science domain applications.
Other than that I'm probably playing GranTurismo or learning foreign languages.


Email : eddywmdev@gmail.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/eddy_wm